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DC Endodontic CenterDr. Angela Noguera
2021 K Street NW, Suite # 305
Washington, DC 20006
Dr. Angela Noguera
Board Certified Endodontists
2021 K Street NW, Suite #305
Washington, DC 20006

Patient Testimonials

If you're scared, when you come here, don't be!!!! I had the worse possible scenario, swollen, in excruciating pain and afraid. The end of my agony started with the anesthetic injection...I felt NOTHING,....NOTHING I tell you. Then the numbing started right away and the procedure was so painless that I felt myself drifting to sleep( I hadn't slept the night before from the pain). Each step of the procedure was explained and the technology used to have a painless visit is the best.. and get this...…I was finished in ONE visit!!! Dr. Noguera is a life saver...…and her team is so kind and warm and made the whole process so easy, from the time you enter the door until you leave. Did I mention this was a Friday afternoon and they got me in right away??...this is a lifechanging team of professionals for sure!!!


Dr. Noguera literally saved my tooth. That tooth had had a root canal years ago and suddenly got a very severe infection. My dentist did not see it, so I got a 2nd opinion, and the new dentist said: if someone can save your tooth, that is Dr. Noguera. She was fabulous!


Dr. Noguera did an excellent job during both my recent visits (end 2019) for root canal surgery. I was very impressed by her caring manner, professionalism, and efficiency as well as that of her assistant, who carefully walked me through the procedure each time, Root canal surgery has a reputation as being difficult and painful for the patient. But my experience was of minimal pain during and afterwards and a minimally invasive and high tech approach.

Mr. David Steel


Don’t worry, most people are fine following treatment!

Instructions following root canal therapy:

  • Don’t chew on the treated side.  Expect tenderness to pressure/chewing for about 3-6 days.
  • Avoid hard, crunchy foods.
  • Take medication as instructed.
  • Brush and floss as you would normally.
  • Minor discomfort is not unusual.
  • See your general dentist within approximately one month.

Instructions following surgery (apicoectomy):

  • Don’t chew on the treated side.
  • Do not lift or pull on lips.
  • Take medication as instructed.
  • Eat soft foods.
  • Day of surgery:  Apply ice pack to face over surgical site for 20 minutes on, 10 minutes off.
  • Day after surgery for at least 3 days:  Rinse mouth often with warm salt water (one teaspoon salt in 8 oz. warm water)
  • Some swelling or bruising is not unusual.
  • Brush chewing surface of teeth carefully.  Avoid the gum at the surgical site.  Mouthwash may be used.
  • If there is fever, swelling or uncontrolled discomfort, please call the office.

If you have questions or concerns, PLEASE call us, 202-835-3636.

We are here for YOU!

2021 K Street NW, Suite # 305
Washington, DC 20006

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