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Dr. Angela Noguera
2021 K Street NW, Suite #305
Washington, DC 20006
Patient Testimonials

I cannot praise Dr. Noguera highly enough. Her skills and professionalism are exceptional. She and her assistants work together like a Swiss watch, with respect to their skills, timing, and achieving superlative results. In addition, Dr. Noguera is kind and patient. She made me feel comfortable and respected, and that no question was too small to discuss. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Cherie Mohr

I needed an emergency root canal and was referred to Dr. Noguera. From the moment I walked into her office, I felt better. The staff is warm and welcoming. the offices are bright and calming. Dr. Noguera is a GEM. She is masterful at her craft and works very quickly. The numbing process was nothing more than a tiny pinch and after that I felt no pain or discomfort – and still don’t, one month later. I absolutely recommend this doctor and her practice.

Renee Griffith

Dr. Noguera is outstanding! Dr. Noguera's top priorities are to provide her patient with a careful assessment of the problem, recommend a practical treatment, meticulously execute the appropriate procedures while ensuring an absolutely pain-free experience. Dr. Noguera is the best of all dentists and endodontists that have provided me with dental care (including root canals for five teeth) over the past 60 years. I am so fortunate that my current dentist referred me to Dr. Noguera. An excellent doctor with her capable and pleasant support staff provide a very good experience.

Paul L.

I practically dozed off in the chair today! Who's ever heard of sleeping through a root canal? Dr. Noguera is so professional and so good that you feel utterly relaxed, even with the drill buzzing away. I am grateful for both procedures I've had with Dr. Noguera and continue to refer all of my friends to her stellar dental practice.

Kirsten H

I was referred to Dr. Noguera when no one else could explain the severe jaw pain I was experiencing. She took one look at me and knew exactly what was wrong. After a quick & easy root canal procedure, I'm back to normal and have zero pain. Thank you, Dr. Noguera!

Lauren M.

My daughter was 10 years old when she needed to see an Endodontist and our pediatric dentist referred us to Dr. Noguera. The experience was outstanding. When I recently had tooth pain and my dentist provided 2 references for a root canal, I immediately chose Dr. Noguera and once again, she was wonderful. Her office is run beautifully, she sees you on time and I know her work is outstanding and highly regarded among her peers. I recommend Dr. Noguera not only for adults but for children as well.

Noelle Winsor

With over ten years experience working in dental offices I am quite able to evaluate a dentist and their practice. Dr. Angela Noguera and DC Endodontic Center earned an A+ for my recent treatment. I found the staff to be knowledgeable, pleasant and efficient; the facility comfortable, clean and modern. Dr. Noguera was excellent in every way. From her careful diagnosis using state-of-the-art technology, to her painless, exacting treatment, to her attentive follow-up with my general dentist and me, everything was first rate and very impressive. Endodontic treatment does not get better than this!

Lauren Winkler

I was referred to Dr. Noguera for a badly abscessed tooth. My jaw was swollen, the discomfort serious. Dr. Noguera did a wonderful job fixing the abscess and infection and then performing the related root canal work. She was skilled, gracious, painless, and superior in explaining what she was doing and why. My dentist referred me to her because he said "no one can match her equipment [he mentioned the 3D-xrays and her tiny extraction tools] or her hands." He was right. She is a treat, as are Annette and Regina who run the front office. Dr. Noguera's operation is a model for 21st century medicine.

William Lilley III

I couldn't be more pleased nor recommend more highly the services of the DC Endodontic Center. Dr. Noguera and her staff are wonderful. I went to the Center with excruciating jaw pain having been referred there by Dr Alphers of The Alphers Center for Sleep Disorders and Jaw Pain P.C. who suspected the pain might be caused by a tooth problem. I'd been to dentists who could not find the source of the problem. After a series of inconclusive tests Dr Noguera performed a 3D x-ray which revealed an abscess (behind a tooth, the abscess did not show up on regular x-rays) that had eaten into my sinus. She immediately performed a painless root canal and I walked out of her office in less that two hours pain free and have remained so since that procedure 6 weeks ago. Thank you DC Endodontic Center!

Ray Schandelmeier

The idea of a root canal therapy can be stressful for many, but I just had the experience and can tell for sure that it does not have to be painful. I had a wonderful attention from Dr. Noguera at DC Endodontics Center and highly recommend their service and excellent attention which made me feel confident and safe at every moment during my visit.


 Your staff is truly dedicated to making sure that all matters are handled in the most efficient and professional manner. Since they are the first people you encounter, they do set the tone for what is "to come".  All of who could not have been more pleasant and of course the young lady who assisted you throughout the procedure was a true professional. 

Martha N

 I would like to personally thank you for making my first "root canal" a very pleasant experience. Unlike all of the horror stories I have heard, none of which, I must admit, were in any shape or form true!. Your professional demeanor throughout was exceptional and from the minute I walked through your office doors, I was immediately put at ease.

Margery S

 Thanks so very much for being so kind, gentle, helpful and patient to me.  Root canals are sort of scary and I was blessed to have someone who could understand and "hold my hand".

Sandra D.

 Thank you for your kind care last week when I needed your help with my hurting tooth. Not only did you fix my tooth but you were able to save my inlay. You and your staff were all wonderful, very helpful and able to calm all my anxiety . It was a pleasure to be your patient. 

David C.

Thank you for taking such good care of me. I went to you because you are the best.  I had immediate relief after I saw you and never had any pain afterwards. Thanks for the terriffic and painless root canal.  Your professionalism and knowledge of the was very evident

Samuel S.

 Thank you very much for all your concern, care and kindness. It is quiet obvious to me that you have a passion for what you do, and it shows. If I ever need another root canal, I will come back, no matter the distance. 

Emily C

 Allow me to express my gratitude for all the help that you have given me. I feel priviledged to have been under your fantastic and pinless dental care. The best root canal I have ever had. 

Debbie H.

I want to thank you for the prompt and thorough attention you gave to me earlier this month. I feel you demonstrated the highest degree of professional competence and integrity, and certainly give me a great deal of confidence in any future visit that might be necessary. 

Charles A.

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Dr. Noguera is recognized as a Top Endodontist throughout the Washington, DC region and appears as an Endodontic Expert on the TOP Doctors Medical Interviews which can be seen on CNN Headline News, FOX News, CNBC and MSNBC. Click here to view

Our Mission

To provide the finest endodontic (root canal therapy) care in a relaxed and compassionate environment, while committed to utilizing the latest advancements and innovations of science. Our goal is to save natural teeth, to relieve dental pain, and to prevent expensive and time-consuming extractions and implants. 

Practice Profile

Dr. Angela Noguera is a board certified endodontist who has been in private practice in the Washington DC area for more than 23 years.  Dr. Noguera and the DC Endodontic Center are widely recognized in the dental community for providing excellent patient care, service, and communication, with both the patients and their dentists.   We strive to exceed patient expectations and ensure that the experience is a positive one.  We work very closely with the general dentist to ensure that patients fully understand their treatment plans and receive the best possible care. We believe it is important to truly listen in order to answer questions and concerns, which enables us to put our patients at ease.    

The DC Endodontic Center is located in a new state-of-the-art facility where we offer the "latest and the greatest" treatment and technology options available.  At the DC Endodontic Center we continually seek opportunities to enhance our knowledge and skills. 

In an effort to become "green", we are a completely paperless facility. All communication, including patient charts as well as all images (x-rays) are digital, which minimizes the amount of paper, printing and most important, radiation to our patients, while avoiding the use of developing chemicals hazardous to the environment.  The use of digital affords us instant and current communication with our patients and their dental team.  


Dr. Noguera honored as "Top Endodontist" in March 2015 issue of Washingtonian!

The Washingtonian magazine has a long tradition of publishing a list of the top dentists in the Washington, DC area.  Dr. Noguera is proud that, on each occasion, she has been nominated by her peers as a Washingtonian "Top Dentist."


Angela P. Noguera, DDS
DC Endodontic Center

Dr. Noguera has over 20 years of experience as a specialist in root canal therapy and the management of dental pain, dental infections and dental abscesses. Using the latest techniques and technologies, she provides excellent dental care in a comfortable relaxed environment. Our friendly and efficient staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have. They ease the way through the complexities of dental insurance and work with you to enable needed dental treatment to work within your budget. Our number one goal is to preserve your natural teeth and give you back a reason to SMILE!


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