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DC Endodontic CenterDr. Angela Noguera Dr. Vivian Click
2021 K Street NW, Suite # 305
Washington, DC 20006
Dr. Angela Noguera
Dr. Vivian Click
Board Certified Endodontists
2021 K Street NW, Suite #305
Washington, DC 20006

Patient Testimonials

Great endodontist! Dr. Click is very experienced, very professional and very positive. Dr. Click and her dental assistant made sure I understood the procedure, and while they were working on my tooth, they explained what they were doing. I did not feel any pain at all, not even discomfort, and when Dr. Click informed me that she was done, I could not believe it.

S Baer

Dr. Noguera did an exceptional job retreating a 20 year old root canal that had become infected. This was a very time consuming and highly technical task. Not only did she successfully treat the infection, but she was able to repair and salvage the old root canal and crown. I highly recommend Dr. Noguera! 

Chuck F.

I am so grateful to Dr. Click for such a pleasant, reassuring, and expert root canal procedure. I was very anxious going into my appointment but she and her team made me feel welcome, cared for, and confident in the path of treatment. Thank you, Dr. Click!



As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.

Audrey Hepburn

NBC 4 Health & Fitness Expo 2019

The DCDS Foundation sponsors a booth where Dr. Angela Noguera and her husband, Dr. Ali Fassihi volunteered performing free oral cancer screenings.  Dr. Noguera is a board member of the DCDS Foundation, which is dedicated to providing oral health care and education throughout the community.  

Dr. Stephen Guttenberg and Dr. Angela Noguera performing an oral exam.  

Radio America July 31, 2018

Dr. Lucciola Lambruschini, Director of Dental Services, Catholic Charities and Dr. Angela Noguera.  Dr. Noguera was the guest of Catholic Charities on Radio America 1540 AM. On this program, they strive to educate the Spanish speaking community regarding education, health and housing services available.  Dr. Noguera participated in a discussion about dental infections, oral health and hygiene.

Mission of Mercy - November 8, 2015

Great day at the ADA, Mission of Mercy (MOM) ! Here I am with one of my patients, to whom we were able to do a much needed root canal in his front tooth, as well as bleach a very discolored central. Needless to say, he was thrilled, as the bleaching was just the "icing on the cake." He insisted on a selfie for his wife. With us is Rosemary, who assisted my for the day.  She is a 3rd year dental student at Howard University. It was a great team effort.......This is when I feel so happy to be a dentist and an endodontist......It is all about the twinkle in their eyes and the great smile, when treatment is done! Thanks Pete for the pictures!

Mission of Mercy - College Park, MD, Sept. 5 & 6, 2014

A great day for dentistry!  About 1500 people received free dental work. Among those, were root canals and crowns. For the full story click here

NBC4 Health and Fitness Expo, January 11-12, 2014, Convention Center, Washington DC

Dr.Noguera voluntering at the Health & Fitness Expo providing free oral health screenings at the DC Dental Society Foundation booth. Over 1000 patients received free oral cancer screenings and among them, one in particular who's last check up was about 150 years ago.

A Tribute

Dr. Angela P. Noguera has been a dedicated volunteer for the Spanish Catholic Center dental clinic since 1989. She has performed hundreds of perfect root canal treatments for our patients in that time. She has a dedicated interest and concern for each low income, uninsured immigrant who passes through her dental office and follows-up to make sure that their care continues. Dr. Noguera is a role model for all those she meets and treats by her professionalism and kind, gentle manner. As a friend of the Spanish Catholic Center she always been supportive of our activities and has served on Committees and Boards, the most current being the Latino Advisory Committee of the Catholic Charities Board of Directors. We are grateful for our long relationship with Dr. Noguera and pray that God will grant every blessing to her, her family and her practice for many years to come.


Sister Janice Heisey, IHM
DC Dental Clinic Administrator
Spanish Catholic Center

2021 K Street NW, Suite # 305
Washington, DC 20006

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