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DC Endodontic CenterDr. Angela Noguera
2021 K Street NW, Suite # 305
Washington, DC 20006
Dr. Angela Noguera
Board Certified Endodontists
2021 K Street NW, Suite #305
Washington, DC 20006

Patient Testimonials

If you're scared, when you come here, don't be!!!! I had the worse possible scenario, swollen, in excruciating pain and afraid. The end of my agony started with the anesthetic injection...I felt NOTHING,....NOTHING I tell you. Then the numbing started right away and the procedure was so painless that I felt myself drifting to sleep( I hadn't slept the night before from the pain). Each step of the procedure was explained and the technology used to have a painless visit is the best.. and get this...…I was finished in ONE visit!!! Dr. Noguera is a life saver...…and her team is so kind and warm and made the whole process so easy, from the time you enter the door until you leave. Did I mention this was a Friday afternoon and they got me in right away??...this is a lifechanging team of professionals for sure!!!


Dr. Noguera literally saved my tooth. That tooth had had a root canal years ago and suddenly got a very severe infection. My dentist did not see it, so I got a 2nd opinion, and the new dentist said: if someone can save your tooth, that is Dr. Noguera. She was fabulous!


Dr. Noguera did an excellent job during both my recent visits (end 2019) for root canal surgery. I was very impressed by her caring manner, professionalism, and efficiency as well as that of her assistant, who carefully walked me through the procedure each time, Root canal surgery has a reputation as being difficult and painful for the patient. But my experience was of minimal pain during and afterwards and a minimally invasive and high tech approach.

Mr. David Steel

We Are Here To Serve You

All endodontic procedures in this office are performed under the operating microscope.  Microscope enhanced endodontics allows complete visualization of the root canal system.  High resolution digital images, from the microscope, are taken during procedures and are included in reports to the referring doctors.  These images greatly enhance the communication between offices.  Internal problems such as resorption defects and fractures can also be directly visualized and communicated to the patient and referring dentist.  Dr. Noguera is committed to staying on the cutting edge of technology.  We use the newest generation of digital sensors for radiographs (X rays) with portable x-ray sources.  This results in the highest image quality with less radiation exposure than previous sensors, and much less radiation than conventional film.   Today, we also offer cone beam computerized tomography (CBCT).  This exciting new technology allows us to visualize the teeth and supporting structures in 3-D, thereby allowing us to accurately diagnose and treat lesions that were impossible to detect with conventional film which is 2-dimensional.

Many advancements have happened in endodontics in the last ten years.  There are numerous clinical improvements, new dental materials as well as technological advancements which enable us to treat teeth with more precision and a higher rate of success.  The operating microscope and the CBCT has enabled us to visualize, treat and resolve problems which not so many years ago would have been impossible to treat or would ultimately have required an extraction.  

What To Expect

Our staff will always greet and welcome you with a smile. We understand the nature of the service, the apprehension that most patients have and all the paperwork that surrounds it. The front desk staff is qualified to assist you with the patient registration and will be able to answer any questions you might have regarding insurance,  privacy notifications and overall treatment questions.

You should allow at least 2 hours of your time for the visit, especially if you wish to start treatment on the same day. The clinical staff will be able to answer all your questions prior to starting any treatment.

Fees for Endodontic Services

The fee for your endodontic treatment will be based on the extent of treatment and the difficulty of the case. During your first visit we will discuss the probable number of visits, their length, and the fees involved. Given the unique nature of our practice and the specialized kind of cases we treat,  it is our policy that your care is paid for at the time of service.


Your dental plan was designed to share in your dental costs and usually will not cover the total cost of your treatment.  As a courtesy we are happy to submit your claim electronically, so your insurance company can process the claim and reimburse you directly.  We ask that you provide us with all of your insurance information at the time of your appointment. Only then can we contact your insurance carrier to find out your specific plan's insurance benefits.   While we try our best to estimate your out-of-pocket expense, actual payment is determined by the insurance company once they process the claim.

Please remember that you are fully responsible for all fees charged by our office regardless of your insurance coverage.   We will wait 30 days for the insurance company to pay their portion.  In the event your insurance company fails to pay, rejects the claim, or does not pay the total balance, you are responsible for the remaining balance.

If your insurance pays less than the estimated amount, you will, receive a statement from our office.  Your prompt remittance is greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions, our courteous staff is always available to answer them.

Payment Options

We gladly accept: Cash, Checks, Mastercard,  Visa, American Express and Discover.


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Care Credit, Washington DC Dentist Washington's Choice Dental CareAs a service to our guests, we are pleased to offer CareCredit, the nation's leading patient payment program.  For fees from $500 to $25,000, upon request and approval, CareCredit offers a comprehensive range of plans with low minimum monthly payments that fit comfortably into every budget.

With CareCredit you can:

  • Start treatment and care immediately and pay over time
  • Pay for other medical expenses for you and your family without having to reapply
  • Pay for deductibles and treatment not covered by insurance
  • Have no annual fees

Online Application:

  • Go to 
  • Fill out the application
  • Receive a decision immediately
  • Contact our practice to schedule treatment 202-835-3636
2021 K Street NW, Suite # 305
Washington, DC 20006

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