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DC Endodontic CenterDr. Angela Noguera Dr. Vivian Click
2021 K Street NW, Suite # 305
Washington, DC 20006
Dr. Angela Noguera
Dr. Vivian Click
Board Certified Endodontists
2021 K Street NW, Suite #305
Washington, DC 20006

Patient Testimonials

I was able to get a cancellation spot on the same day for a serious infection. Dr. Noguera identified two adjacent teeth for treatment, both affected by the infection. She gave me two courses of antibiotics about a month apart. Everything went smoothly and I had no pain or discomfort during or after the visits. I especially appreciated the way she administers anesthetics, which is unique and virtually painless. I have never had anything like it and wish all other dentists would switch to her method. After my first visit, I mentioned her name to another dentist and he said that Dr. Noguera's practice is at the cutting edge of her discipline, which says a lot. All in all, I am completely satisfied with the way Dr. Noguera has treated me.

Masami Kojima

I recently had an emergency root canal at DC Endodontic Center. The procedure was easy (for me!) and virtually painless. My tooth pain is totally gone. Dr. Noguera is an excellent endodontist. She and her assistant have worked together for years, and make a terrific team. Every staff person was professional, friendly and gracious. In short, I highly recommend DC Endodontic Center.

Leslie H.

There should be a 10 star button to click for Dr Noguera and her staff! Professional, painless and perfect in all aspects of this endodontic practice. Calm and pleasant atmosphere throughout all time spent in Dr Noguera's office.

Diana Winters


Dr. Noguera and Dr. Click are committed to continuing education. They strive to provide the highest level of endodontic care to their patients, utilizing the latest techniques and equipment. Materials and technology advance rapidly, and it is important to keep up to date. Dr. Noguera and Dr. Click attend continuing education lectures throughout the year to ensure their knowledge and skills are current.

Continuing Education
05/02 GWAWD, The Science, Or Lack Thereof, Of Medical Marijuana and Any Dental ImplicationsRichard L Wynn, 2hrs.
04/04 Maimonides Dental Society, Caring For Patients Post Radiation and Chemotherapy, Dr. Lauren Bolding, 2hrs
04/04 DC Dental Society, "Symposium for Licensure", Multiple Speakers, 6hrs.
03/30 AAE, "Direct-to-Patient Digital Marketing Strategies that Enhance a Slowing Referral Enviroment ",  Webinar 1hr
03/21 Penick Endodontic Study Club, "Top Drugs with Implications for Dental Treatment"Dr. B. Ellen Byrne, 2hrs
02/28 Penick Endodontic Study Club, "Acute Myofascial Pain and the Endodontic Connection", Dr. Rahim Karmali 2hrs
02/26 Maimonides Dental Society, CPA's Perspective on the 2017 Tax Cuts and the Jobs Act Affecting Dentists and Practices, Alan Schiff, CPA 2hrs
02/13 Capital Dental Science Study Club, "Reaching The End Of The Rope: Rescue, Restore and Risk", Dr. Angela Noguera, 8hrs
02/05 GWAWD, "The Digestive System: From Gingivitis to the Leaky Gut "Dr. Farah Assadipour, 2hrs.
1/22 AAE, "Regenerative Procedures for Immature Taumatized Teeth",  An online Class, 1hr.
1/8 DC Dental Society, "Monthly Meeting - Peri-implant Soft-Tissue Development and Preservation for Optimal Long-Term Esthetics", Dr. George Priest, 2.50hrs.

12/12 DC Dental Society, "Monthly Meeting - Suspicious Oral Lesions", Dr. Kitrina Cordell, 2.50hrs.

12/05 GWAWD, "Introduction to Laser Dentistry"Dr. Pohlhaus, 2hrs.

11/27 The Maimonides Dental Society, Marijuana is here: Are you ready?,  Dr. Harold Crossley, 2hrs

11/01 Penick Endodontic Study Club, Analgesic Prescribing in the Opioid Epidemic: Fall 2018 UpdateDr. Raymond Dionne 2 hrs

10/04 Pacific Endodontic Research October 4th-6th, "PERF Scientific Session", Provider, Pacific Endodontic Research Foundation 21units  

10/11 Penick Endodontic Study Club, "Targeted Endodontic Microsurgery : 3D-Guides with Trephine Burs in anatomically Challenging Scenarios", Dr. Jaron Ray 2 hrs

10/09 DC Dental Society, "Monthly Meeting - Improving Case Acceptance", Dr. Mark Murphy 2.5hrs

10/03 GWAWD, "Updates in Head and Neck Cancer Staging, Treatment, Radiotherapy Design and Multidisciplinary Engagement" , Dr. Farah Assadipour, 2hrs

09/25 Maimonides Dental Society, "UPDATE ON LASERS IN DENTAL PRACTICE", Dr. Steven Pohlhaus, 2hrs

08/08 College of Diplomates,"The Opiod Crisis - How Did We Get Here and What Do We Do Now? Implications For Dental Practice. Managing Pain in The Era of The Opiod Crisis. Non-Pharmacologic Management of Pain Patient.  Move to Health, Changing the Conversation",  Multiple speakers, 10hrs.

06/30 7th Annual Scientific Session. The International Academy of Endodontics. 12.5hrs 

05/08 DC Dental Society, " The Role of First Responders to Dental Traumatic Injuries", Dr. Asgeir Sigurdsson, 2hrs.

04/24 Maimonides Dental Society, Restoring Worn Dentition,  Dr. Sahar Damghi, 2hrs

04/18 Penick Endodontic Study Club, "The relationship between short-term healing of periapical lesions and glycemic control: an interim analysis, Dr. Zuwu Zhou 1hr

04/18 Penick Endodontic Study Club, "The effect of regeneration medications on the microhardness and chemical properties of root canal dentin", Dr. Omid Dianat 1hr

04/03 Dentsply Sirona, "Learn How Smart  Endodontics are Using Social Media to Grow and Sustain Their Practices", Dr. Jack Hadley, 3 hrs

03/27 ALPHA OMEGA, "Everything You Need to Know To Prevent Getting Sued Including Sexual Harassment", Mindy Farber, JD 2hrs

03/13 DC Dental Society, "An Update on Ceramic, CAD/CAM, Bonding, and implants", Dr. Markus B. Blatz, 2hrs.

03/10 New Jersy Association of Endodontists, Dynamic Navigation in Endodontics; Root Amputation: What is possible?; Restoratively Driven Endodontics. Drs. Charles Maupin; Rahim Karmali; Pushpak Narayana; Michael Trudeau 6hrs.

03/03 GWAWD, "Financial Planning for Women Dentists" , Nancy Hartsock, 1.5hrs 

03/01 Penick Endodontic Study Club, "A Clinician's Perspective on Uncertainty", Dr. David Landwehr, 2hrs

02/27 Maimonides Dental Society, "The Prosthetic Junction",  Dr. Chris Hamlin, 2hrs

02/12 DC Dental Society, "The Future of Dentistry"  Dr. Gerald Kugel , 2hrs
02/07 GWAWD, "Best Practices for Managing HR in your Dental Practices", Donna Miracle-Canuel and Lindsay Moore, 2hrs
02/01 Penick Endodontic Study Club, "CBCT imaging secrets for the modern endodontic practice ", Dr. Bruno Azevedo, 2hrs
01/23 Maimonides Dental Society, Pediatric Dental Emergencies,  Dr. Edward Ginsberg, 2hrs
01/09 DC Dental Society, " The Infection-Inflammation/TMD-Occlusion/Airway-Sleep Apnea Connection " , Dr. DeWitt Wilkerson, 2hrs.
01/11 Penick Endodontic Study Club, Management of  Neuropathic Pain, Dr. Istvan Hargitai, 2 hrs.
12/06 GWAWD, Utilzation of Botulinum Toxin A in the Practice of Dentistry, Dr. Cheryl Burgess, 2 hrs.
11/28 Maimonides Dental Society, Digital Dentistry: An Update, Dr. Radi Masri, 2 hrs.
1/171 DC Dental Society, Dry Mouth and Dentifrices , Dr. Fiona Collins , 2 hrs
10/10 DC Dental Society, " Sleep Disordered Breathing in The Dental Office", Dr. Paul McLornan, 2hrs
10/04 GWAWD, Function Across the Lifecycle, Dr. James Simon, 2 hrs.
09/15-16 Pacific Endo Research Foundation, Multiple Presenters,  9 hrs
09/14 Pacific Endo Research Foundation, Scientific Session,  Dr. Gurol Suel  6 hrs
09/26 Maimonides Dental Society, Essentials of Anesthesia and Sedation For Dentistry,  Dr. Marvin Leventer  2 hrs 
09/12 DC Dental Society, "Building a Front Office Team that Rocks,"  Laura Hatch, 2hrs
08/28 CNA, "Risk Managment Essentials" 5 hrs
07/01 IAE 6th Annual Scientific Session, Multiple Presenters, 10 Lectures, Two Day Session, 10 hrs.
06/30 IAE 6th Annual Scientific Session, "Treatment Planning: Restoration vs. Removal", Dr. Greg Kinzer, DDS, MSD 
06/30 IAE 6th Annual Scientific Session,"Big value of Small particles: A Paradigm Shift Awaits Endodontics", Dr. Anil Kishen, BDS, MDS, PhD 
06/30 IAE 6th Annual Scientific Session, "Go Figure: How To Pick the Right Number", Dr.. Michael Glick
06/30 IAE 6th Annual Scientific Session, "The Human Genome", Dr. Mark Adams, PhD 
06/30 IAE 6th Annual Scientific Session, " What Does Breathing have to do with Teeth?", Dr. Mark A. Cruz,
05/06 DC Dental Society, TMD: Diagnosis and Treatment Options, Dr. Judy Flavio Rasetto, 2 hrs
05/06 DC Dental Society, Myths, Legends and Realities of OTC Products, Dr. Judy Bendit, RDH, BS 3 hrs
04/25 Maimonides Dental Society, Oral Pathology , Robert Ord, DDS, MD 2 hrs.
04/07 DC Dental Society, Conservative Approaches to Treating Common Esthetic Dilemmas, Dr. Harald Heymann, 2 hrs
04/05 GWA, Current Topics in Nutrition and Excercise, Dr. ristram Kruger, 2 hrs.WD
Endodontic St03/30 Penick udy Club, Resorption: A Very Confusing Topic.  Dr. Rick Schwartz, 2 hrs.
03/21 Maimonides Dental Society, Chronic Orofacial Pain Session II, Dr. Vanessa Benavent.2 hrs.
03/11 NJ Assn. of Endodontists, The Non-Odontogenic Toothache, Black Death & The Dental Pulp, The Interpretive Process of Endodontic Imaging, Multiple Presenters, 6 hrs.
03/02 Penick Endodontic Study Club, How Long Can Endodontically Treated Teeth Prevail?, New Framework for Advancing Conservation in Endodontics, Dr. Alan Gluskin, 2 hrs
02/09 Penick Endodontic Study Club, The Science and Evidence of Regenerative Endodontics, Dr. Anibal Diogenes, 2 hrs
02/07 DC Dental Society, Hierarchy of Restorative Space Considerations for Implant Dentistry, Dr. Joseph Carpentieri, 2 hrs 
02/01 Gr. Wash. Acad. of Women Dentists, Six Key Areas of Capital Accumulation and Protection, Ms. Ellen Tillman, 2 hours.
01/26 HPTC Compliance Training Partners/AGD, HAZCOM/GHS and Subparts of OSHA Regulations and CDC Guidlelines for Infection Control and Bloodborne Pathogens, Mr. Jason West, 4 hrs
01/10 DC Dental Society, Top Coding Errors, Dr. Charles Blair, 2 hrs
01/03 Maimonides Dental Society, Reconstruction Of Maxillofacial Blast Injuries From the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Dr. Michael Will, 2 hrs
2021 K Street NW, Suite # 305
Washington, DC 20006

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