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DC Endodontic CenterDr. Angela Noguera Dr. Vivian Click
2021 K Street NW, Suite # 305
Washington, DC 20006
Dr. Angela Noguera
Dr. Vivian Click
Board Certified Endodontists
2021 K Street NW, Suite #305
Washington, DC 20006

Patient Testimonials

Great endodontist! Dr. Click is very experienced, very professional and very positive. Dr. Click and her dental assistant made sure I understood the procedure, and while they were working on my tooth, they explained what they were doing. I did not feel any pain at all, not even discomfort, and when Dr. Click informed me that she was done, I could not believe it.

S Baer

Dr. Noguera did an exceptional job retreating a 20 year old root canal that had become infected. This was a very time consuming and highly technical task. Not only did she successfully treat the infection, but she was able to repair and salvage the old root canal and crown. I highly recommend Dr. Noguera! 

Chuck F.

I am so grateful to Dr. Click for such a pleasant, reassuring, and expert root canal procedure. I was very anxious going into my appointment but she and her team made me feel welcome, cared for, and confident in the path of treatment. Thank you, Dr. Click!


Annette - Office Manager

Annette is Dr. Noguera's business manager and has worked in the field of endodontics for over twenty years. She feels that it is important that the patient fully understand everything related to the the process of root canal therapy, so the patient can make an informed decision. She will help with the filing of insurance and assist with financial arrangements. If you have any questions at all, please ask for her, and she will be happy to discuss any concerns you may have. Annette is married to a retired Coast Guard officer and the proud mother of two grown daughters. She loves to read and plan her next travel adventure!



Leonor - Dental Assistant

Leo started working with Dr. Noguera as her assistant more than 15 years ago.  After a short hiatus, she decided to return and rejoin the team.  We are thrilled to have her back. Leo has a vast education in dentistry from Ecuador, and she also has several years of experience in the pharmaceutical field. Leo will make you very comfortable during your endodontic procedure.



Suzie - Dental Assistant

Suzie has worked in dentistry since 2006.  She graduated with a law degree from the University of Haiti, but it was going to be both expensive and time consuming to retrain here in the U.S.  One day when had a toothache, her dentist told her she could save her tooth by having a root canal.  Suzie became fascinated with the entire process of endodontics through which she could avoid an extraction and she could continue the use of her natural tooth.  She began to study dental assisting and has worked in endodontics ever since.  She speaks Creole and French fluently.  She loves her two twelve year old cats, Petit and Boulou.  They speak French too!



Carlotta - Dental Sterilzation Assistant

Carlotta's warm smile lights up the room and her bubbly personality will make you feel you have a new best friend.  She is a wife and mother of 3 girls and a boy. She has a background in mortuary science, where she loved providing support and comfort to families.  Now, she is changing careers to dental assisting and loving every minute of it!  She and Dr. Noguera attended the annual TDO software meeting last fall in San Diego, where she greatly enhanced her knowledge of endodontics. 





Zoe - Patient Coordinator

Zoe will welcome you when your arrive.  She will be happy to assist with any insurance or financial questions you may have.  Zoe Is origainally from Bulgaria and spent many years living in Italy. There, she danced professionally in classical ballet and contemporary dance.  She also holds a master's degree in Human Resource Management.  She speaks fluent Bulgarian, Italian and English. She is married to an IT network engineer and they love to travel.   



Zena - Patient Coordinator

Zena been in the dental field for many years. She has worked both as a dental assistant and patient coordinator. She was born on the Island of Zanzibar, East Africa,  She is fluent in Swahili, English and Spanish. She enjoys assisting clients and especially seeing to their comfort. Zena is married, and has a son and two daughters. She loves baking and generously shares!  

2021 K Street NW, Suite # 305
Washington, DC 20006

202-835- ENDO